Everyone Has a Market Value

Everyone Has a Market Value


Everyone Has a Market Value

This post may be a funny post to some but it is solid truth. I’m writing this post to actually bring about awareness. In these times judging someone seems very important before making any decisions. We all have been in those moments when we judged someone for our own benefits.

In my observation, everyone has a market value. In the case of relationship or marriage market value is very important. The following may sound shallow but it’s true based on my observation from my friends and family.

For Girls

Being Slim (+1 point)
To be slim and slender boosts a girl’s market value. If a girl’s waist-to-hip ratio is around 0.85-0.90 then they are slim. If the girl’s waist-to-hip ratio is above 1.0 then it shows she is overweight or not slim enough to keep with this market value.

Cooking Skills (+2 point)
To have cooking skills is a big boost for girls. It may be a traditional thing for females to cook; however, for most guys this is very attractive. I’m sure you have heard to get to a guys heart go through his stomach. No doubt about it, any girl that satisfies my stomach satisfies me.

Skin Tone (+1)
I think this is very wrong, but it is what it is. Girls who are fairer skinned are very attractive and it boosts their market value a lot. In India, there is this notion that to be fair is to be beautiful and there are creams called “fair and lovely” to stop melanin production which makes a person fairer than usual.

Height (+1)
Tall girls seem to look elegant when they dress up so height adds to market value. Being tall usually means a girl who is around 5’5. Unfortunately not all girls are tall and guys turn their heads but that’s their loss because some guys miss out.

Personality (+5)
This is the ultimate characteristic that boosts any girl’s market value. Girls are nothing with just looks; a girl with a great personality will be far more attractive to any guy than without it. I’ve met beautiful girls in the past, but they got the beauty without the brains, and I couldn’t hold a proper conversation with them. After a little while, they just got boring and I lost interest in talking to them because they didn’t have a good personality.

For Guys

Be Built (+1)
Guys who are built are far more attracted than guys who are not. Guys who work out on a regular basis burn the fat they consume and they have an appealing physical appearance.

Intelligence (+2)
Let’s face it, looks are not everything, guys with intelligence is a plus for any girl. A girl does not want an idiot next to her; she wants someone who can think independently and face any challenges which requires not only physical strength but also mental strength. This factor also is parallel with education. If you’re a guy you’re better off getting a bachelor’s degree making $50,000/year than being a high school dropout making $100,000/year selling cars. I’ve talked to many girls and they all said a guy who is smart is a must for a guy of their choices.

Career (+2)
Yes, fellas no one will be with a bum. Girls find guys with promising careers attractive. I’m not saying just a doctor, lawyer, and engineers are the only professions. Promising careers can also include accountants, physician assistants, and professors.

Looks (+1)
Guys who take care of their looks moderately have a good market value. There is no harm in have a clean shaved face with groomed hair. Also, dressing moderately which shows a sense of good fashion works well in attracting girls. It’s like in the wild life the male lion doing what he can do to attract female lionesses.

Height (+1)
Yeah, you know it, majority of the girls love tall guys. And some guys do agree that height is a big plus. Girls want someone to look up to, and a tall guy makes them fell protected. Not all guys want tall guys; when I mean tall they prefer 5’10 or above.

Confidence (+3)
Girls do not want guys who are shy. They want a guys who are extroverts and step up for what they want. I’m sure you heard of the saying “good girl like bad boys” that saying is partially true because bad boys are confident in how they conduct themselves which is a big turn on for girls.

These are the main factors I can think of from the top of my head. I’m sure there are more but these are the ones which I find very high. I put a points next to them because I wanted to show the weight among each gender for each factor.

I know what I wrote might sound shallow but it’s true and it’s not based on my opinion, it’s based on my observations and feedback from other people.
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