Negative Thoughts are Controllable

Negative Thoughts are Controllable

The more you study this topic the more you begin to understand you. When you start to Control your negative thoughts you start to understand how you have 100 % control over what you think.

Here is a question that everyone should attempt to answer. Where do our negative thoughts come from and why do we allow them to enter our minds and upset our daily routines?

If you were to sit for a moment and really think about this the answer might surprise you. Everyday our minds are bombarded with information. Much of the information we receive is of the negative nature. We get this negativity through our five basic senses of sight, hear, taste, smell, and touch.

What are the sources of this negative information? The news on TV and radio, the newspaper, the office, or workplace, conversations with others, past hurts and even peoples animosity towards us. We are inundated every single day with thoughts that we allow to pass through our minds many of which are negative.

Negative Thoughts are Controllable

It is our choice to accept or reject these negative thoughts. Do they do us any good, I don't think so. How do we go about rejecting these thoughts, we simply make a choice to disregard the bad and search for the good in as many ways possible. Your mind is the most complex part of you. The mind makes a super computer look like a toy and therefore has unlimited power and energy. If you know how to harness that energy for the good things in life then good things will happen.

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Since the mind and body are always in motion, even though it is not visible to the human eye, then we have 100 % choice to think the thoughts we want to think. When a person understands this concept they will also understand that nobody gets to choose your thoughts except you. Any negative thoughts, that you allow yourself to entertain as truth, damage your day to day activities and tend to control how you react to certain situations.

Compare the universal law of polar opposites to your thoughts. Where there is an up there is a down, for an in there is an out and for a hot there is a cold. Your thoughts also can be negative or positive, good or bag, constructive or destructive. If you are not creating then you are disintegrating.

Is the negative news around the world happening, yes it is. Is it happening to everyone, no it isn't and it likely isn't happening to you. You have the ability to change it into a positive thought or simply reject it as not important to you. If you seek the good and positive outcome then that can overrule your negative thought process. You can think your way into results.

The idea of thinking into results is so simple most people would reject it and not even consider its value. Its value however is huge and it has, as you have, the creative potential to change a negative thought. One of the ways is through the process of repetition.

When an idea is consistently brought forth to your mind, it can replace the negative thought or image with a positive thought or image. Your imagination is truly incredible. You have the ability to use your imagination to imprint an image in your mind. You get a visual picture that you can access any time you want.
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