The Games Our Mind Play on Us

The Games Our Mind Play on Us

It is not a secret that actions are the reflections of thoughts. Thus the effective actions are the reflection of effective thoughts! That's why lots of people meditate for hours to tame the mind.

The brain gives command to the body according to the thoughts that are floating in the mind. So, the mind controls the brain and the brain controls actions. What we think and say reflects on the brain and our doings. For instance, when you think to do something tomorrow and not now, you will do it tomorrow. If you force yourself to do it now it will not be effective as your brain has already received the command to postpone and do that action tomorrow.

The words that you express are the manifestation of your thoughts which command the brain to act respectively. If you express doubts for your actions, which means you will hardly do it effectively. This is a mind game that people play with themselves without being aware of it. For example, if you want to write an article about self-realization, believe in yourself and in your abilities and say/think that you CAN DO IT! Forget the word doubt!!! Never use such words as maybe, I try, I'll do my best, etc. These all words and expressions influence your actions in negative way. Always use affirmative words: say to yourself (also aloud if you want) that you can do it and you will do it!

 The Games Our Mind Play on Us

But do not postpone your actions. If you tell your mind that you can do it but you will do it later, there is a danger that you will never do it! This is another mind trick. DO NOT postpone. Be reasonable and put a concrete date, even a deadline for your actions, and you will see how effective it will be. When you put a deadline for your actions your brain will receive the command to accomplish the task by the deadline for sure. So, put reasonable strict deadline for your tasks.

Remember that you will find some excuses in order to postpone or to avoid your actions. Human mind is not used to changes, and in fact it does not like changes at all. So, at the first stage you will experience fighting with yourself/your ego/your mind!

First it will be hard to do. Therefore practice every day while saying positive and affirmative expressions and avoiding doubtful expressions. Soon you will see how successful you are and how effective you are in anything you do!
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