You can Re-programme Your Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations

You can Re-programme Your Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations

Reprogramming the subconscious mind can be a very simple process. It's because your subconscious mind can perform only two processes, the recording and the rendering. All your experiences, emotions, reactions and stimulation are collected and recorded. With every repetition of a situation, it builds what we call subconscious neurological patterns.

The conscious brain can't surpass these patterns. Once a neurological pattern is created, the conscious brain becomes a slave of the subconscious.

According to John A. Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale, suggests that the human brain is always connected with one question which is 'what to do next?’ We are constantly in sync with these unconscious behavioural guidance systems that are continually suggesting to our brain to do the next thing and it considers acting upon these suggestions before conscious awareness.

Affirmations are probably the best ways to reprogram your subconscious. Here is a 5 step process you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind using affirmations.

1. Understand your current programming - Creating affirmations without understanding your current programming might not be the best way through. You have to think about your subject of change and take an inventory of emotions, feelings, beliefs, ideas and thoughts that come up. They come up because your subconscious is providing you with the collection of data from the back stage.

2. Consider framing new patterns - It is only after you completely understood your current patterns that you will be able to form new ones. The new patterns you create should be in alignment with your goals and desires. Hint: it all starts with imagination.

3. Create Subconscious Positive affirmations - This is the most important step. If you want to improve your health, create 5-10 positive sentences about your goal. For example, if you want to improve your communication skills, you can create affirmations like, 'I am so thankful that I'm able to confidently express my views to people so easily."

You should repeat these affirmations continuously. It's not the words that count but the social proof you submit to your brain that matters.

4. Accept the emotions - Creating affirmations aren't enough. If they don't get accepted emotionally, you won't be able to reprogram your subconscious. Feel the emotion of actually having programmed the subconscious and getting results. Feeling is all that will fire up your process of subconscious reprogramming.

5. Get over the disbelief - Most of the time, even when repeated over and again, people find it hard to believe in their words. Whenever they repeat these affirmations, their mind gives a counter reply that says the affirmations are wrong.

You have to learn to believe, and you can do this by clearing your mind of all negative emotions from time to time by practicing exercises like meditation.
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