Increase Your Self-Esteem In 5 Easy Steps

Increase Your Self-Esteem In 5 Easy Steps

Increase Your Self-Esteem In 5 Easy Steps

“I need to increase my self-esteem” is a statement I hear often from my students. Their belief is that once self-esteem is higher, they will be able to achieve more and become more successful.

While high self-esteem that can help you create the life you dream, the more people mistake what they think about self-esteem. It is not something that should be increased or decreased, although the terminology is common. In contrast, self-esteem is a verb, is the process of estimating yourself.

According to the Merriam-Webster, the estimated mean to “put a high value:. In high esteem and therefore a prize” in other words the process of increasing their self-esteem begins with the decision that are valuable and treat you itself as such.

5 Good habits

• Believe in yourself. The first step in creating greater self-esteem is believing in yourself. It is your responsibility to take charge of their own concept of himself and his beliefs – including the belief in its value, talent, skills and potential.

• Identify the nine greatest hits. Research has shown repeatedly that the more we recognize their success in the past, the more confident you become successful in making and make new ones. A simple way to start this process is to take stock of their success. Divide your life into three periods – from birth to 15, 16 and 30, and 31 to 45. The list of three most important successes of each time period. To convince yourself that you really are a successful person who can continue to achieve great things, go ahead with your list. See if you can identify 100 or more of the successes of his life.

• Keep a record of victory. Remember and write down your successes every day. This starts a session in its long-term memory, improving self-esteem and confidence. Whenever you need a confidence boost in itself, reread what you wrote. Maintaining and referring to his record victory keeps you focused on your success in place.

• Display symbols of success. What you see in your environment has a psychological impact on their mood, attitudes and behaviors. Surround yourself with rewards, photos and other objects that remind you of your successes. Create a special place in your home – like a hallway, a shelf or the top of your refrigerator – to display their symbols. This program subtly see you as someone who has continued success in life.

• Keep your agreements. One of the ways to increase self-esteem high is to keep your word. All agreements are ultimately made himself, including those that involve other people. Your brain registers the agreements as commitments. If you do not move forward, to learn not to trust yourself. You lose the integrity and faith in their ability to produce a result. Do not undermine your own sense of personal power – keep its commitments.

Increase your ability to take a risk

To understand the importance of self-esteem, imagine you’re playing poker. If you have 10 chips 200 chips and I have, who you think will play more conservatively? You, of course, because the risks are greater for you. Two losing bets of five cards each of them is taken out of play. I, however, could lose five sheets of 40 times before I was out.

Their self-esteem is like a stack of poker chips. The higher, more willing and able they are to take risks that will lead to greater success. Use the ideas shared in this article to create and maintain high levels of self esteem you need to get where you want to be.
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