Beating and Balancing the Odds of Success

Beating and Balancing the Odds of Success

Beating and Balancing the Odds of Success 

You believe in the power of goal setting. But what if your goal seems wildly impossible? You want to build a business in a competitive field, get a job for which you're barely qualified or selling a book?

Great results often begin with goals that seem impossible. But if you ask, "Should I give up when the odds are against me?" you'll get two very different perspectives.

"Ignore the odds! Just believe in yourself."

"Don't fight the odds! Why beat your head against a wall?"

So  how can you sort it out?

(1) Separate realistic from unrealistic odds.

Statistics can be misleading. Do 50% of all marriages end in divorce? Or do 50% of all people get divorced at least once?

Do most businesses fail? Or do 90% of people who start a business fail at least once (but go on to build two or three successful businesses)?

(2) Compare alternative ways to spend your time.

If you've been laid off from a senior position in a crowded industry, self-employment can make more sense than sending out resumes. And you may decide you enjoy writing your novel more than watching prime time television or reading other people's novels.

(3) Design a plan for success that doesn't depend on winning a single toss of the coin.

You to write a book about business leadership. Begin by designing workshops targeted to your future readers. Track attendance and get feedback.

Once you attract rave reviews for your workshops, you'll have a list of people who want to learn more. Now you start a newsletter. You start a profitable workshop program. Even if your book never finds a publisher, you've won.

Starting your own business? Keep a job hunt going at the same time. Most likely you'll find synergy, not energy drains.

Targeting an impossible job? Begin a networking campaign that might lead you there -- or help you reach an even better opportunity.

(4) Discover ways to tip the odds in your favor.

Authors get published when they've developed a great platform and proposal. Businesses succeed when entrepreneurs study their markets.

Often you can't find this information in a library book. You'll need to invest in training, networking and mentoring.

(5) Visualize how your life will look -- and feel -- once you've reached your impossible goal.

Feel free to use creative visualization and affirmations. But develop a day-by-day, realistic, down-and-dirty picture of your life as a published author, business owner, or corporate superstar. Find positive, inspiring role models.

A realistic perspective helps you get ready for a large dose of success - and also helps you stay motivated for the long climb.

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