Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life

Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life

Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life 

Everyone can draw from the Universal Reserve Bank. What is it, you ask?

It has taken me years of inner searching to realize the answer!

I have come to believe each human being is wealthy. We are completely surrounded by abundance, and this abundance takes many forms; we all have an infinite number of cells in our bodies, as well as limitless thoughts, ideas, hope, and love for ourselves and others.

As wealthy as we are, the #1 quest for many of us is the search for financial abundance. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to know our true desires and cash in on our assets at the Universal Reserve Bank (URB). This is available to each and every one of us.

Assets do not always have to be monetary. Look within yourselves. I, like Tina Turner, who insured her legs for several million dollars, have come to recognize that I am the asset. I am wealthy. I am the Universal Reserve Bank (URB). Now that I know the secret, I live consciously, in the now, knowing that each time I use my skills and I am paid, I am defining how much I am cashing in on my reserve.

We must learn that we are magnets for this abundance; we have the ability to draw it to us. To do this effectively, we must first identify what we desire, and then create positive affirmations to attract it to us.

This requires a shift in our thinking. For example, the imprinting I received in my early years stemmed from a life where there was money, but it wasn't spent on me, and therefore the message that was subconsciously conveyed was that I wasn't deserving of money.

This imprinting affected me throughout my life in many circumstances, creating businesses that would fail, not trying to attain wealth because I thought, "What's the point, I won't get it anyway?" I never went the distance. After many mishaps and failed ventures, I finally got to a place where I "changed my mind and shifted my life".

What I mean is that something needs to click inside of you, an "epiphany", so to speak, for things to start what some may call "gelling". This is a definitive moment when you may even feel a physical shift happen.

This has become my life's purpose: to assist others in "getting it". I wonder, what do you feel are your assets? Have you defined and are living the lifestyle of your choosing? Why not?! Choose the lifestyle you wish to have and draw from your bank account. Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life.

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